[Pidgin] #4638: Replace duplicated documentation with @copydoc

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Sun Jan 13 13:59:28 EST 2008

#4638: Replace duplicated documentation with @copydoc
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 While perusing the Doxygen docs, I discovered
 [http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/commands.html#cmdcopydoc this

   {{{ \copydoc <link-object>}}}

   Copies a documentation block from the object specified by <link-object>
 and pastes it at the location of the command. This command can be useful
 to avoid cases where a documentation block would otherwise have to be
 duplicated or it can be used to extend the documentation of an inherited

 There are quite a few places where docs are copy-pasted.  This should
 probably be used instead.

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