[Pidgin] #4654: multiple same accounts

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Mon Jan 14 14:21:46 EST 2008

#4654: multiple same accounts
Reporter:  wsw70        |       Owner:  lschiere         
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new              
Priority:  minor        |   Component:  unclassified     
 Version:  2.3.1        |    Keywords:  multiple accounts
 Pending:  0            |  
 When trying to set up two accounts (for gadu-gadu), I get the ''"Unable to
 save new account / An account already exists with the specified
 criteria''" message.

 Per ticket #2269 I understand that pigdin should help not to set up the
 same account but sometimes that would be a great thing.
 I use pigdin at the office (though a HTTP proxy) and at home (direct
 access, or though a squid). I would like to be able to set up 2-3
 identical accounts, which could ideally share the same log files. I know
 that I will never use them at the same time anyway.

 This would be a nice thing to have.
 BTW, the fix suggested in ticket #2269 will not work in Windows.

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