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#4654: multiple same accounts
  Reporter:  wsw70         |       Owner:  lschiere         
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Comment (by datallah):

 It isn't going to be possible to create several accounts with the same
 protocol, screenname and host because that is what libpurple uses as the
 key to identify an account internally - wouldn't be able to differentiate
 two accounts with the same values.  This is unlikely to change unless
 there is a compelling reason to do so.  I also think that it isn't the
 right way to accomplish what you're describing.

 There already is a pretty simple workflow to do what you want to do -
 simply change the proxy settings when you get to a different location.

 Alternatively, a relatively simple plugin could be written to allow you to
 create "Settings Profiles" that could be selected to apply various groups
 of settings (such as proxy).

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