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#247: MSN Direct File Transfers
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Comment (by sque):

 Replying to [comment:20 efa]:
 > Two other questions to understand the problem:
 > - MSN proxies is limited to 3 Kb/s, and theres no chance to go faster,
 also for Windows Live Messenger?
 > - Windows Live Messenger use the direct file transfer to reach an high
 transfer rate?
 Yes, msn protocol has a fall back mechanism to transfer files through
 microsoft proxies when the direction connection of two clients is not
 possible. This happens also on Windows Live Messenger if both clients
 cannot accept incoming requests.
  So basically it tries to create a connections between two clients trying
 both directions and if they tries fail, it will then setup a proxied
 connections which has a limit at around 3kb/s transfer rate.
  On pidgin there is no implementation for direct transfer at all and will
 ask immediatly for proxied file transfer that is why it has low transfer

 Finaly I would like the developpers here to post any info they have for
 how direct transfers protocol works because this page
 http://www.hypothetic.org/docs/msn/research/msnp10.php is I think
 outdated. Without info it would be hard for a volunteer to make this at

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