[Pidgin] #3222: Pidgin Crashes when i connect to myspace IM

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#3222: Pidgin Crashes when i connect to myspace IM
  Reporter:  thewaytolite  |       Owner:  jeff    
      Type:  defect        |      Status:  reopened
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 Component:  MySpace       |     Version:  2.2.0   
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Comment (by alucardromero):

 Ditto... happens in Linux (Kubuntu) and in WinblowzXP.

 In Linux (under KDE), process must be killed or termination of the process
 must be given when prompted to Keep Alive or Terminate.  In Windoze, must
 end process via Task Manager or sometimes it'll just disappear.

 Upon being launched a second time, all is well.  I'm also positive it has
 something to do with MySpace protocol.

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