[Pidgin] #3997: yahoo contact details alias doesn't work with proxy?

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Thu Jan 17 09:09:06 EST 2008

#3997: yahoo contact details alias doesn't work with proxy?
  Reporter:  acristescu  |       Owner:  marv 
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 Component:  Yahoo!      |     Version:  2.2.2
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Comment (by johnmoody):

 The debug shows it using the proxy correctly and receiving a reply from
 address.yahoo.com.  Strangely, the returned data appears to have been
 corrupted and the xml wasn't valid so couldn't be parsed.  I haven't seen
 the 'Extra content at the end of the document' error before, as if the
 proxy was appending something to the response.
 I have attached a more verbose version of the libyahoo.dll which you can
 drop in your plugins directory.  This will dump the entire response with a
 log entry of 'raw alias text'.  The last element in the return should be
 </ab>.  Let me know if you see anything unusual.

 The unknown status keys are normal.  We don't process everything that
 yahoo sends our way.

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