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#485: MSN connection problem
  Reporter:  ravennolonger  |       Owner:  nosnilmot
      Type:  defect         |      Status:  reopened 
  Priority:  minor          |   Milestone:  2.4.0    
 Component:  MSN            |     Version:  2.0.2    
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Comment (by leighahall):

 having trouble connecting to MSN network as well.

 Using linux (Kubuntu 7.04 and 7.10) with GAIM, aMSN, Kopete.  None will
 connect to the msn network.

 Using Windows Vista with Pidgin, I can't connect to the MSN network either
 (I will include some debug info below).  However, using Vista with MS Live
 Messenger, I am able to connect successfully.  I can connect to AIM and
 GoogleTalk using Pidgin though.

 So, it appears that ANY program other than the MS one cannot connect.  But
 it doesn't appear to be a network problem, since the MS client can get

 **debug information from Pidgin**

 (14:29:13) account: Connecting to account xxxxxxxx at hotmail.com/home
 (14:29:13) connection: Connecting. gc = 02DF84D8
 (14:29:13) msn: new httpconn (046F6378)
 (14:29:13) purple_url_encode: assertion `str != NULL' failed
 (14:29:13) dnsquery: Performing DNS lookup for messenger.hotmail.com
 (14:29:13) dnsquery: IP resolved for messenger.hotmail.com
 (14:29:13) proxy: Attempting connection to
 (14:29:13) proxy: Connecting to messenger.hotmail.com:1863 with no proxy
 (14:29:13) proxy: Connection in progress
 (14:29:14) proxy: Connected to messenger.hotmail.com:1863.
 (14:29:14) proxy: Error connecting to messenger.hotmail.com:1863 (Unknown
 (14:29:14) proxy: Connection attempt failed: Unknown error
 (14:29:14) msn: Connection error: Unknown error
 (14:29:14) msn: Connection error from Notification server
 (messenger.hotmail.com): Unable to connect
 (14:29:14) account: Disconnecting account 003BE6F8
 (14:29:14) connection: Disconnecting connection 02DF84D8
 (14:29:14) msn: destroy httpconn (046F6378)


 **end debug info**

 please let me know if I can provide any more debug info

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