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#4181: MSN - Status Problem
  Reporter:  xLostSoulx  |       Owner:  khc  
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 Component:  MSN         |     Version:  2.3.0
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Comment (by khc):

 Hi Daniel,

 I have your debug log that Jordan forwarded. I've looked at it, but
 unfortunately I can't tell what's wrong from the log.

 The log goes like this:
 14:38:39: (Libpurple: msn) S: NS 000: LST <email> <nick> 11 3

 LST is sent to us when we connect to the server, 11 means which lists the
 buddy is on and 3 is the group id. To figure out which lists the user is
 on, we need to convert 11 to binary, which is 1011, which means the user
 is on your forward list, allow list, reverse list, but not on your block

 This roughly translates to: the buddy is on your buddy list, your allow
 him to see you, and he has you on the list, but you are not blocking him.

 Since another person on adium's ticket claimed that he can reproduce this
 with old official client, this doesn't look like a libpurple specific
 issue. Our MSNP14/15 implementation likely doesn't have this problem, but
 unfortunately it's not ready for general consumption yet.

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