[Pidgin] #4700: Changing conversation-icon in taskbar

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Mon Jan 21 13:12:01 EST 2008

#4700: Changing conversation-icon in taskbar
 Reporter:  robz0rz            |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new                |   Priority:  minor      
Component:  pidgin (gtk)       |    Version:  2.3.0      
 Keywords:  Icon Conversation  |    Pending:  0          
 I hate the way conversation windows look in my taskbar, with the persons
 user-picture for an icon. It doesn't look consistent with the rest of my
 tango-styled desktop. I'm trying to archieve either one of these:

 a) Have the icon for all contacts be the protocol's icon. (Prefered over
 option b)

 b) Have the icon for all contacts be the status-icon, like it is now for
 contacts that don't have a user-picture.

 I'm not sure if this is archievable through a plugin, therefore I decided
 to look into the source and make a patch. I'm a little lost though. I'm
 looking at ~/pidgin-version/pidgin/gtkconv.c, but I am not sure what to
 remove and what to add in order to get the wanted effect. I hope someone
 can help me out.

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