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#4069: Master password function
  Reporter:  Milbauer     |       Owner:          
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new     
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 Component:  libpurple    |     Version:  2.3.0   
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  password
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Comment (by Jaywalker):

 I think to properly add this feature, Pidgin would also have to implement
 profiles... The reason being.. many people (particularly windows users)
 only have one login session... therefore they only have one
 accounts.xml... So, for example, if two people use Pidgin on one login
 session, they would first have to select a profile followed by, if this
 feature fit into Pidgin, their profile master password.

 I'm not sure if a master password fits into the philosophy of Pidgin as
 none of the passwords are encrypted anyway, but regardless, I think the
 profile's wouldn't be a bad idea.

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