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Sat Jan 26 22:56:45 EST 2008

#4533: file transfer support for yahoo
  Reporter:  madthanu  |       Owner:  rekkanoryo         
      Type:  patch     |      Status:  closed             
  Priority:  minor     |   Milestone:  2.4.0              
 Component:  Yahoo!    |     Version:  2.3.1              
Resolution:  fixed     |    Keywords:  yahoo file transfer
   Pending:  0         |  
Comment (by madthanu):

 The file y7-filexfer-full-new4.diff is supposed to be applied after
 applying y7-filexfer-full-new3.diff , and it sets yahoo japan's version to
 6.x.x.x , so that for yahoo japan alone, its as if these patches never

 Sorry for being so late, had my internal exams... I was able to find the
 corresponding values for yahoo japan, however when i substituted them,
 file trans isnt working... It doesnt seem to be working in the official
 clients itself (i created two yahoo japan ids and tested from my & my
 friend's PCs), maybe u ve got to be in japan to do it, i dunno... So, for
 now, for yahoo japan, i have put the old values (version 6.x.x.x), but
 then, the 'send file'(think so) button in the yahoo client is disabled :(
 ... Im still trying to find any dumb mistakes i cud have done, but i
 really think some one who knows japanese must look into this....I have
 some sniffed packets etc. that i worked on, and if somebody needs them,
 ill be glad to give them...

 PS: after setting to 6.x.x.x, im able to send files between two yahoo
 japan ids, when both run pidgin, so i think it must work with older yahoo
 japan clients...

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