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#2712: Duplicate groups appears
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Comment (by UbuPetr):

 I have some progress and partial solution for adding buddyes.

 When you add new buddy, you must write the name of group from keyboard in
 the correct CP-1250 encoding, e.g. "Kamarádi". You must not choose
 prefered Pidgin "Kamarádi" (saved in blist.xml as "Kamarádi") in UTF-8
 encoding. Windows pidgin encode this group to the UTF-8. When it encode
 CP-1250 group name, everything is OK. When it encode UTF-8 group name,
 this name will be encoded twice to the UTF-8 and malformaed group will be
 created on ICQ server "Kamarádi" (group "Kamarádi" has been there of
 course). But new group "Kamarádi" will appear in blist.xml (saved in
 blist.xml as "Kamarádi") - better bugs in blist.xml then on the ICQ

 When Windows Pidgin download list of groups from the server, it encodes to
 the UTF-8 twice or downloads raw data (in UTF-8 of course) and puts them
 to the UTF-8 again. Linux Pidgin do not has this bug.

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