[Pidgin] #4735: For msimprpl msim_input_cb, look into using PurpleCircBuffer

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#4735: For msimprpl msim_input_cb, look into using PurpleCircBuffer
 Reporter:  jeff      |       Owner:  jeff 
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Component:  MySpace   |     Version:  2.3.1
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 Look into using PurpleCircBuffer for the receive buffer, instead of rxbuf,
 rxoff, and rxsize in an MsimSession.

 From Mark Doliner on devel:

 >Anyway, the real reason for this email is to let you know about
 >PurpleCircBuffer.  It's a circular buffer for binary data that expands as
 >needed.  I didn't look at your buffer implementation in detail, but it
 >like PurpleCircBuffer might be useful to you.  Possibly more efficient,
 >it doesn't need to move data back to the beginning of the buffer after a
 >partial read from it.  But because of this you would need to be careful
 in the
 >event that you need to do multiple reads from the buffer (if you read to
 >end of the buffer and then need to wrap around to the beginning to
 >reading data).
 >You can see the header and implementation at libpurple/circbuffer.h and

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