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Wed Jul 2 05:58:13 EDT 2008

#6228: Make updating easier for end-users
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 To my knowledge, and as a (forced-to) windows-user, updating Pidgin goes
 like this:

 1.Pidgin springs a message at me that there's a new version.
 2.I come to your site via browser of choice.
 3.I download the new version.
 4.I start the installation.
 4a.I tell it yet again what I have told it every version since Pidgin had
 that name.
 5.I can finally set off to blabber to my buddies with the new version,
 about 10 minutes after I wanted to.

 This is... quite something to do, just for updating. And the package comes
 not all that slim with about 11 mb.

 Compare with Firefox:

 1.FF springs a message at me that there's a new version.
 2.I agree to download & update.
 3.I restart FF and continue surfing after a mere 3 minutes interruption.

 There. That would be easier. And AFAIK safe a bulky download in favour of
 something rather slim. And would be much friendlier on end-users. And make
 it easier to stay at cutting-edge height of Pidgin-fashion.

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