[Pidgin] #6236: Contact Grouping ignored with Openfire Roster Sharing

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Thu Jul 3 12:03:17 EDT 2008

#6236: Contact Grouping ignored with Openfire Roster Sharing
  Reporter:  Tobi    |       Owner:  nwalp
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 Component:  XMPP    |     Version:  2.4.2
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 You are attempting to move the shared roster users from the group the
 server places them in to a different group, correct? If so that is not
 something the Openfire shared roster implementation allows you to do
 (which is why in your debug output you see an error response). Error
 responses to things like this are unfortunately not something pidgin
 handles well at the moment so while it looks like the move/join was
 successful it wasn't and will revert back next time. There is nothing we
 can do about this (other than remember the move locally, as opposed to on
 the server, which isn't something we want to be doing). This is one of the
 many possible problems with shared roster support.

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