[Pidgin] #6242: Clean up win32 make warnings

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Fri Jul 4 00:39:43 EDT 2008

#6242: Clean up win32 make warnings
Reporter:  phroggie  |       Owner:  datallah            
    Type:  patch     |      Status:  new                 
Priority:  minor     |   Component:  winpidgin (gtk)     
 Version:  2.4.3     |    Keywords:  win32 build cleanups
 Pending:  0         |  
 Attached patches seriously reduce the number of warnings generated when
 building Pidgin on a win32 host. [attachment:win32-cleanup.diff
 win32-cleanup.diff] applies against i.p.p, and [attachment:perl-
 win32.h.diff perl-win32.h.diff] and [attachment:tcl.h.diff tcl.h.diff]
 apply against their respective packages hosted on Pidgin website linked to
 from BuildingWinPidgin. tcl (8.4.5 at time of writing) and perl (5.8.2
 atow) modules will need repackaged to incorporate (if it's even worth it
 to update perl 5.8). Alternative to [attachment:perl-win32.h.diff perl-
 win32.h.diff] could be the removal of -Wundef from global.mak or migration
 to perl 5.10.

 err-{[attachment:err-before.log before]|[attachment:err-after.log
 after]}.log is output from the following commands before and after
 applying all three patches. Notice that perl/-Wundef accounts for a large
 portion of this noise. Irrelevant bits (translation info, mostly) was
 removed prior to posting.
 make -f Makefile.mingw clean
 make -f Makefile.mingw 2> err-X.log

 Saving electrons from stderr 26 kB at a time. All that's left after
 applying patches is the following, in 18 places throughout tcl code:
 warning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing

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