[Pidgin] #620: Commenting should add you to CC explicitly, rather than implicitly.

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Fri Jul 4 17:46:10 EDT 2008

#620: Commenting should add you to CC explicitly, rather than implicitly.
  Reporter:  rlaager      |       Owner:  datallah
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  closed  
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:          
 Component:  trac         |     Version:  2.0     
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Comment (by elb):

 Replying to [comment:5 hobbified]:
 > Replying to [comment:3 elb]:
 > > There are tons of headers in the emails that trac sends which can be
 used to filter them however you like.  Filtering on ticket number, for
 example, would be trivial with X-Trac-Ticket-ID:.
 > >
 > > I generally think it is a bad idea to let people bug out of tickets;
 tickets like #414 are not the norm.
 > "We're sending lots of people emails that they don't want, and not
 providing them any way to opt out of receiving them. What should we do?"

 I don't know about "lots of people"; we very seldom hear any complaints.
 Note that this ticket was filed by a Pidgin developer, replied to by a
 Pidgin developer, and closed by the filing developer.  Everyone here was

 > "Oh, we can just tell them that it's not a problem because they can
 always filter it out after we've wasted their resources."
 > And you wonder why there are people in the world who think that you're
 complete assholes with a disturbing lack of critical thinking ability?
 It's bullshit like this. It's okay for you to be, for all intents and
 purposes, spammers, because you "think it's a bad idea" for '''people to
 be able to decide whether they want emails'''. Bright. Real bright.

 There are definitely people who think that -- there are also people who
 think the world is flat, the moon landings were a hoax, and Elvis is still
 alive.  I don't respect any of those opinions, either.

 If you have a specific problem which you would like to have addressed in a
 bug report, please report it; there may be situations for which this
 decision should be revisited.  Generally speaking, it is ''not'' good for
 bug reporters/commenters to disconnect themselves from bugs.  What I
 absolutely ''would'' like to see is a way for users to Cc themselves to a
 bug and un-Cc later ''if they have not commented and did not report the
 bug'', for example.  However, that's not what this bug is about.

 As I said, the original participants on this bug were all happy with its
 conclusion; if you have a different problem, or would like to discuss this
 problem in the light of new information, please open a ticket and we will
 do so.  If you just want to troll, please do so somewhere else.

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