[Pidgin] #6248: Memory leak in log viewer

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Sat Jul 5 00:24:06 EDT 2008

#6248: Memory leak in log viewer
Reporter:  dave1g  |       Owner:  datallah                     
    Type:  defect  |      Status:  new                          
Priority:  minor   |   Component:  winpidgin (gtk)              
 Version:  2.4.3   |    Keywords:  log reader viewer memory leak
 Pending:  0       |  
 1)View the logs of a user.

 2)Alternate clicking between 2 logs.

 3)Each click will raise pidgin memory usage by .5-3 megs, im guessing
 depending on the size of the log file shown.

 4)Close the log reader and memory usage does not return to normal ~25 MBs,
 doesnt decrease much at all.

 5)Strangely, using the trick in #3223 of minimizing the buddylist window
 will shrink pidgins memory usage down to 2 MB.

 6)Restoring the buddylist causes memory use to slowly creep up into the 10
 MB range.  Then eventually reaches 20 MB range through regular usage.

 7)Can then repeat the first few steps to start ratcheting up the memory

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