[Pidgin] #5086: no two xmpp accounts with same screenname/domain

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#5086: no two xmpp accounts with same screenname/domain
  Reporter:  rjhall  |       Owner:  deryni
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 Component:  XMPP    |     Version:  2.4.0 
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Comment (by robinzim):

 Replying to [comment:9 chemistrydioxide]:
 > I actually don't see why you're running two INDEPENDENT Jabber servers
 on the same domain.

 Ah, if only I had control I would do the sane thing. But I work for a huge
 company (70,000+ employees) and, alas, the people who run the IT
 infrastructure are a closely guarded secret, protected by an impenetrable
 maze of bureaucracy and incompetence. Who can say why they set things up
 this way? The IT department moves in mysterious ways...

 We do have a single sign-on username/password that we can use in all
 environments so perhaps that's the driver. The upshot is is that's the
 environment I have to work in -- and the previous version of Pidgin did it
 just fine. Maybe internally it had some issues, but as far as I was
 concerned, it worked.

 I'm no software engineer (well, actually I am) and I don't know much about
 how the internals of these servers work (that's true, I don't really know
 what a domain means in this context, or what S2S is) but it seems to me
 that the server connection is one of the things that differentiates users,
 not just the username and domain.

 And, again, I say that in complete ignorance of how the internals if IM
 actually work.

 I would much rather use Pidgin over any other client, therefore I'm
 lobbying for this fix so I can keep using my favourite IM client.

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