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Tue Jul 8 02:10:07 EDT 2008

#4962: The message pane is too little
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 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.0 
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Comment (by mickrussom):

 I made an account to complain that not allowing control over the interface
 F-ing sucks. I hate Office 2007 for forcing Ribbon up people's butts, and
 I hate pidgin forcing UI crap up butts as well.

 Please consider how bad this behavior is, and who is being emulated here

 This is a foul sickening turn things are taking for pidgen, and if pidgin
 had done this CRAP before roping in millions, it would have never gotten
 this far.

 Hitler complex by the leadership, plain and simple. HITLER. But he was a
 more effective leader. Miranda, meebo, Kopete or back to trillian. Tah
 tah, fascists.

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