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#1888: Optionally start pidgin minimized
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 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.0.2   
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Comment (by deryni):

 Other applications may very well have a longer period during which they
 are ok with not having a tray icon embedded and as such are not bothered
 by the delay. A longer timeout (or a second try) for pidgin may not be out
 of line but doesn't make the problem a pidgin problem either. Here's an
 experiment, try launching an application that you have set up to start up
 in your system tray (like Transmission) when you don't have the
 notification area enabled and running at all and see what happens. Does it
 start up and display the main window? Does it start and display the main
 window after a noticable delay? Does it start up leaving you with no
 window at all?

 What Gnome developers would have told who that random applications wait
 for the tray area? I'm not sure what you were getting at there.

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