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#6267: Menu item for changing chat topics
  Reporter:  foxmajik      |       Owner:  deryni           
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 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.3            
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Changes (by deryni):

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 I can't predict which features will be in specific demand, I'm likely not
 even aware of what all the possible features are (except for 'standard'
 IRC rooms and XMPP non-extended rooms). My issue was not a desire not to
 implement the change but a desire not to implement a single option and
 pretend that we covered all the bases. Because while nothing is
 implemented we can say "that class of things isn't supported at the
 moment" whereas we lose the ability to say that when some of the class of
 things are supported.

 Again the issue is knowing what features are even theoretically possible
 for a given protocol let alone what is reasonably possible or
 administratively allowed. And yes, as I said before silently failing is
 not acceptable. Which is why I expressed surprise at that claim and asked
 you to indicate which protocol you saw that happen for. (Something I will
 note you failed to do.)

 No, setting the topic and then attempting to read it is not the solution.
 Any protocol worth a damn will return success or failure for a topic
 change request and it is that to which we should be responding (and again
 I profess surprise to learn that this is not the case).

 I just tested this in an xmpp chat room and we do indeed simply drop the
 error response on the floor, I believe the fix for that is simple and will
 attempt to fix it when I next sit down to work on pidgin. Thank you for
 the report.

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