[Pidgin] #6279: Windows cannot find... error when opening Hotmail messages

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Tue Jul 8 17:02:43 EDT 2008

#6279: Windows cannot find... error when opening Hotmail messages
 Reporter:  novasource   |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new          |   Priority:  minor 
Component:  libpurple    |    Version:  2.4.3 
 Keywords:  hotmail msn  |    Pending:  0     
 When I click on the indicator that says I have new Hotmail messages, a New
 Mail dialog pops up. If I then click Open All Messages (and my Hotmail
 account is the only account listed there and is preselected), the vast
 majority of the time I get this error:

 '''Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\[user ID]\AppData\Local\Temp\purple[6
 random chars here].html.' Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then
 try again.'''

 If I check '''C:\Users\[user ID]\AppData\Local\Temp\''', there is in fact
 no file by the name indicated in the error message.

 Even more strange, if I sort all the files in the Temp directory by
 timestamp, I see that there is in fact a purpleXXXXX.html file that:
 * Has a different random letter combination than what appears in the error
 * Has a timestamp that is approximately 15 minutes earlier than when I
 tried to access my Hotmail account and 42 minutes after my most recent
 reboot. And I am 100% sure I haven't tried to access my Hotmail account
 via Pidgin since the reboot.
 * If I double click on the most recently-timestamped purpleXXXXX.html file
 in the Temp directory, Hotmail opens correctly.

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