[Pidgin] #6279: Windows cannot find... error when opening Hotmail messages

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#6279: Windows cannot find... error when opening Hotmail messages
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 Component:  winpidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.3      
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Comment (by novasource):

 I just ran a test.

 I closed out pidgin.

 Then I fired off Sysinternals Process Monitor and had it only catch
 operations with a path beginning with '''C:\Users\[account

 I then sent a message to my Hotmail account.

 From here, I have an approximate cronology of a file I will put in a
 separate post.
 10:09:43 AM: Opened pidgin.
 10:11:59 AM: Clicked on the "you have x messages" box, then clicked Open
 All Messages.
 10:12:20 AM (approx): Sent a new message to my Hotmail inbox.
 (a few seconds later): Got a message on pidginsaying that I have mail.
 10:12:52 AM: opened email again through pidgin.
 10:15 AM: sent new email to Hotmail.
 (a few seconds later): pidgin says I have one new email.
 (long wait...)
 10:28 AM: pidgin spontaneously deleted the file ending with UARZDU and
 creates a new file ending with RGJXDU. I was not using Pidgin at this
 moment, and had not received a new email. Note that this is about 19
 minutes to the second after UARZDU was created.
 10:34 AM: right after I click the check messages box and hit Open All
 Messages in the resulting dialog, I get the "Windows cannot find..." error
 referring to purpleUARZDU.html. Note this is the file spontaneously
 deleted at 10:28 AM.

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