[Pidgin] #5086: no two xmpp accounts with same screenname/domain

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#5086: no two xmpp accounts with same screenname/domain
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Comment (by chemistrydioxide):

 Replying to [comment:10 robinzim]:
 > I'm no software engineer (well, actually I am) and I don't know much
 about how the internals of these servers work (that's true, I don't really
 know what a domain means in this context, or what S2S is) but it seems to
 me that the server connection is one of the things that differentiates
 users, not just the username and domain.

 A Jabber ID consists of 3 parts (a username, a domain and a resource;
 resource and username are optional) and it looks like this:
 user at example.com/resource (identifies a client connected to a server)
 user at example.com (identifies an account)
 example.com (identifies a server)
 example.com/resource (very rare)

 In this context, a domain is the part of the Jabber ID that is between the
 @ and the /.

 S2S (Server-to-Server) is a part of the Jabber protocol that allows users
 who are on one server to talk to users who are on another server. If you
 want to use S2S the admin just needs to set it up on the server and (in
 some cases) create a DNS record. S2S works between all S2S-enabled
 servers; It is not neccessary to configure each possible S2S link

 S2S requires the domains that are part of JIDs to be unique because they
 are used to identify the server.

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