[Pidgin] #6031: ASCII control characters cause problems with libpurple clients

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#6031: ASCII control characters cause problems with libpurple clients
  Reporter:  dhawes  |       Owner:  deryni  
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 Component:  XMPP    |     Version:  2.4.2   
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Comment (by deryni):

 I agree that the fact that we can be essentially forced to disconnect by
 being sent invalid data is not a good thing, but it *is* what is mandated
 by XMPP RFC (as I indicated in one of my previous comments). The fact that
 Openfire does not disconnect the sending client is a server bug and should
 be filed with them immediately (if it is not already known to them).
 Similarly the fact that iChat allows invalid characters to be sent should
 be filed as a bug with Apple (though I have significantly less hope of
 them fixing their bug than I do about the Openfire people fixing theirs).

 I don't know that it is cleanly possible to ignore characters and recover,
 since the XML document will not be restarted by the server and I don't
 know whether libxml2 will handle that. We would probably have to fake that
 in order to even attempt to get this to work (something I strongly dislike
 even thinking about doing).

 Disconnecting cleanly is a much better solution than being in an
 inconsistent internal state which causes message loss.

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