[Pidgin] #6317: Unnecessary Pidgin Release Notficiations in Ubuntu

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Sun Jul 13 17:13:49 EDT 2008

#6317: Unnecessary Pidgin Release Notficiations in Ubuntu
 Reporter:  kryptonik            |       Type:  defect
   Status:  new                  |   Priority:  minor 
Component:  pidgin (gtk)         |    Version:  2.4.3 
 Keywords:  releasenotification  |    Pending:  0     
 I use Ubuntu 8.0.4, and build pidgin from source for my main user.
 The current version, 2.4.3, reports that I'm not using the latest,
 claiming that my current pidgin version is 2.4.1, whereas the "About"
 screen verified that I'm using 2.4.3.  I believe the issue is relating
 to the fact that I have a pidgin executable in my userspace that I'm
 actually running, but that pidgin is also installed by default as part
 of the package ubuntu-desktop, so sits in /usr/bin as well.  Thinking
 this might be a dynamic linking issue, I tried compiling pidgin as a
 static binary, but that didn't seem to fix the issue either.

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