[Pidgin] #5917: ZoneAlarm causes Pidgin freezes on Windows Vista

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Mon Jul 14 14:08:35 EDT 2008

#5917: ZoneAlarm causes Pidgin freezes on Windows Vista
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 Component:  winpidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.2        
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Comment (by wickertu):

 I've noticed the same thing for a couple of weeks now; usually Pidgin has
 several thousand handles and nearly 1000 waiting threads, and it (IMO) has
 nothing to do with being idle (or ZoneAlarm running). In any arbitrary
 moment, if you watch Pidgin in Task Manager (add the columns you wish to
 view) you will observe incrementing thread counts. Shutting down ZoneAlarm
 is ineffective in my case...I can still see the threads creeping upwards.
 In fact, since I started this message, I went from 83 to 101.

 After freezing, the debug log for Pidgin always ends with the following
   win32/giowin32.c:208: Error creating reader thread: Not enough space

 After typing this message..I am now at 121 open threads. The only other
 process with that many is System...at 122...and Pidgin just surpassed it.
 System monitors show a *large* number of UDP connections to remote address
 *.*, and just as many threads with the following attributes:

    State:  Wait:UserRequest
    Start Address: msvcrt.dll!beginthreadex+0x86

 For me, with these symptoms...and knowing that it's likely to eventually
 freeze even during normal use...Pidgin is not something I can reliable use
 on Vista Ultimate SP1.

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