[Pidgin] #5034: Please bring back the 2.3.1 typing indicator!

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Tue Jul 15 21:06:47 EDT 2008

#5034: Please bring back the 2.3.1 typing indicator!
  Reporter:  Arvedui       |       Owner:                           
      Type:  enhancement   |      Status:  new                      
  Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:  Plugin Suggested         
 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.0                    
Resolution:                |    Keywords:  animated typing indicator
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Comment (by deryni):

 I can't with any honesty claim that either side of this argument has a
 majority. I can only say that we did get requests for the new notification
 method (and I don't recall ever seeing anyone comment about liking the
 icon, whereas people have commented about liking the new notification
 (though not at all many)). I forget which plugins in the purple plugin
 pack have a menu tray icon (though I believe the xmms remote plugin does).
 Whichever plugin that is would likely be a good start for reading up on
 what is needed to write a plugin which adds an icon there. Responding to
 the typing notification signals is the easy part. I may (with no certainty
 whatsoever) sit down to work on this (and some other things) when I find
 time to start working on pidgin again more actively in the (hopefully)
 near future.

 I do not recall what the breakdown was regarding adding the new
 notification and/or removing the old notification but that is largely
 unimportant at this point. I don't think the current system is likely to
 change again anytime soon.

 While it might be nice (I have my doubts as to whether it actually would
 be) to have information about typing speed/etc. I know of no protocol
 which actually sends anything remotely resembling the information
 necessary for pidgin to display that. There are some protocols which do
 send the entered text character-by-character (meaning you see what your
 friend is typing in real time) but that's about as close as things are
 likely to get.

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