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Wed Jul 16 16:10:58 EDT 2008

#6349: New Message Alert
 Reporter:  dpedtke       |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new           |   Priority:  minor      
Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |    Version:  2.4.3      
 Keywords:                |    Pending:  0          
 Pidgin (Windows XP) does not do enough to alert me to new messages, like
 GAIM used to.  It needs to either keep flashing in the system bar, or
 bring the window to the front and flash the tab.  Sounds don't help, I
 can't use any sound at work, and I walk away a lot, I need to see that a
 message has come right when I walk up to my PC.  I keep encouraging people
 to use IM, then I am not responsive since I don't see a new message.
 Others complain to me about this also, I can't be the only one asking for

 I see another ticket that says just the opposite, he doesn't want the
 window to come to the front.  How is he getting it to do that, that's what
 I want.  And also this makes clear it should be a preference setting.
 There are surprisingly few preferences on this application, it's really
 not very flexible.

 Other stuff- GetInfo never gets me the info I expect, I'm always surprised
 by what comes up; it's hard to edit a user name, there is confusion
 between user name, buddy, alias, account, etc, I don't now which one is
 their AIM name and which one is something I assign.  Of course you can
 figure it out eventually, but maybe it should be Account Name and Local
 Name or something like that.  I'd also like the mouse-over pop-up to stop,
 it gets stuck up when I run the mouse over the ap window by accident,
 another preference setting?

 I don't know how to ask questions about Pidgin, there is no obvious way to
 do that, should almost be an item in the application window under help.
 There's nothing about any of these issues in the FAQ or help topics.  I
 wish there were a forum where I could ask the above and someone would just
 say "sorry, no way to do that" or "download this plug-in" or "add that to
 the wish list here".


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