[Pidgin] #6231: Bonjour many users on same server message redirection goes wrong

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Thu Jul 17 06:18:33 EDT 2008

#6231: Bonjour many users on same server message redirection goes wrong
  Reporter:  fmarkos  |       Owner:  datallah
      Type:  defect   |      Status:  new     
  Priority:  minor    |   Milestone:          
 Component:  Bonjour  |     Version:  2.4.2   
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Comment (by fmarkos):

 Actually two users (markos at asus and akis-mponelis at asus) are remote desktop
 users on the same server with IP: and the third user is
 markosf at markosf with the IP:

 On akis-mponelis at asus log you will see:
 (16:35:59) bonjour: Registering presence on port 5298

 and on markos at asus you see:
 (16:36:19) bonjour: Found buddy mponelis at asus1 at
 (16:36:19) blist: Updating buddy status for mponelis at asus1 (Bonjour)
 There is no registering presence for user markos at asus (unless the log
 didn't catch it.) Probably because port 5298 was already opened by the
 first run instance of pidgin.

 The error when message redirection goes awry appears in markos at asus log:
 (16:37:59) bonjour: receive error: Remote host closed connection.
 Despite the fact that the user is visible in the "buddy list". When you
 send him a message the above error is displayed and the message goes to
 another user!

 It seems bonjour can not support multi user instances on the same PC-
 server (IP address)
 So we'll keep on using NetSend GUI from Fomine, which sucks but works.
 Unless you have another suggestion.


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