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#6364: XMPP Message Error
Reporter:  hcpaj  |       Owner:  nwalp   
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 I currently use Openfire/Spark for our company, but have been testing
 Pidgin as a client option because it seems a bit cleaner and uses less
 than half the resources Spark does.  Set up went smoothly and I connected
 to the server fine.  I can get my groups and user lists and chat works.

 I was testing the chat/conference room functionality and it found the room
 fine (that I set up using admin panel on Openfire).  When I send a message
 from my Spark client, it goes through fine, but when I send a message from
 Pidgin, I get "XMPP Message Error. Message delivery to
 (room at conference.server) failed: (Code 403)".  This is with no added
 plugins and I tried with and without Spark running.

 I recreated it for the debug log (I replaced server name):

 Pidgin Debug Log : 7/17/2008 11:45:50 AM
 (11:45:31) jabber: Recv (ssl)(204): <message id="q2Suo-118"
 to="adm at server/server" type="groupchat"
 from="room at conference.server/James"><body>test</body><x

 (11:45:36) jabber: Sending (ssl): <message type='groupchat'
 id='purpleef981b22' to='room at conference.server'><body>test</body><html

 (11:45:36) jabber: Recv (ssl)(328): <message type="error"
 id="purpleef981b22" to="adm at server/server"
 from="room at conference.server"><body>test</body><html
 xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">test</body></html><error code="403"
 type="auth"><forbidden xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-

 Also, I don't suppose there is any way to limit which protocols are
 available for users?


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