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#34: Voice/video support
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Comment (by kyrian):

 Have webcam, and I'm willing to test this thing as much as possible. I
 could be said to be 'interested' in getting it working, too. That is to
 say, I am interested in video support, but not voice support, although if
 asked I suspect I could not justify why one and not the other.

 I also have significant coding experience in various languages, and would
 be willing to help where I can with coding. I've given up on my Quickcam
 because I think it's dead (the hardware, not the V4L linux drivers), but
 I've got a video camera routed via an Osprey card which performs much the
 same function.

 Please ignore any of the following that comes off as ill-informed waffle
 or utter b**locks, as it may be just that ;-)

 From a general perspective based on what I have seen and read it seems
 like libpurple should be reserved for the body of functionality it
 currently has, and the frontend clients about the same, with a separate
 library, and possibly a separate 'video client' with some kind of
 messaging API between each element [although perhaps there is a 'cheat'
 available here in that pidgin/libpurple could create a window and control
 that window, while passing only viewport information to the video handling
 lib/app and ignoring the rest?] to determine if a video stream is present
 to or from the participants in a conversation, and retrive 'last updated'
 and duration information since the video streams would normally be in a
 separate window, and not a sub-viewport (whatever?) of the existing text
 conversation window, so that seems the most appropriate model. It does not
 however seem to be the way development is proceeding at the current time?

 I am sick of aMSN which I have used on the rare occasions I wanted to use
 MSN webcam support, as it is not sufficiently stable or fast to even begin
 to compete with Pidgin. For example it crashes every time I try to view
 'offline messages' which happens every time I start it up.

 Can someone just confirm for me what patches I need apply and against
 which versions of Pidgin/Libpurple please? And if it's not the latest
 release, could they tell me where and how to extract the required versions
 (this MTN thing, no?).

 Even if this information is only provided vaguely I may be able to work it
 out and codify it into some kind of documentation for other interested
 parties to stop all the questions here!

 Just drop me a line as I'd like to get cracking on this. I don't have 15
 hours a week, but I have some time and I'd be willing to help where I can.

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