[Pidgin] #6374: new tabs after "Detach this tab" follow the last-detached tab

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Fri Jul 18 15:23:51 EDT 2008

#6374: new tabs after "Detach this tab" follow the last-detached tab
 Reporter:  uncleop       |       Type:  enhancement
   Status:  new           |   Priority:  minor      
Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |    Version:  2.4.3      
 Keywords:                |    Pending:  0          
 With pidgin 2.4.3 (and earlier, e.g. 2.3.1) under CentOS 5.2 (and RHEL4),
 if you "Detach this tab", all subsequent conversations will "follow" the
 detached tab.  You cannot get new tabs into the first/original window
 automatically; instead, you have to drag&drop the tab(s) to the window you
 want.  New conversations always pop up in the last detached window as

 An example of when this is inconvenient: you normally keep buddy
 conversations in a single conversation window.  You decide to join a chat,
 and then to detach the chat's tab from the "main" window, and perhaps you
 put that chat window on a different desktop.  If you start a conversation
 with a buddy on your buddy list, which may be on your "main" desktop, the
 tab will open on the chat's window on the other desktop.  Disconcerting.
 Similarly, if a buddy IMs you and you don't have him/her open already, the
 new conversation window attaches to the last conversation window.

 On a complex desktop, this can make it tedious to find where the
 conversation resides.  I've labeled this as "enhancement", since it's not
 like the behavior is described differently that I can tell.  But I do feel
 it's a bug; I just don't know the best way to make the behavior more
 obvious/usable.  At the simplest, I wouldn't mind a way to say, "this is
 the default conversation window", only one window could be the "default"
 for a given instance of pidgin, and I can change it as I wish.  "Default
 conversation window" would mean that all new conversations open there.  An
 alternative would be to always open new conversations in the the last-
 focused window, but I think that could be hard and still have "silent"
 side affects.

 A possibly-related bug is that you cannot drag&drop a conversation window
 with only one tab/conversation into another window, so you cannot "merge"
 a tab back into the "main conversation window".

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