[Pidgin] #6374: new tabs after "Detach this tab" follow the last-detached tab

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Sat Jul 19 20:25:38 EDT 2008

#6374: new tabs after "Detach this tab" follow the last-detached tab
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 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.3
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Comment (by deryni):

 Yeah, dragging the infopane is one of those "obvious if you just assume it
 is the same as a tab" but not at all if you don't.

 "Last created window" is the default, and yeah, now that I think about it,
 I would imageine that "single window" is likely what most people would
 want as a default rather than "last created window" and the only reason it
 works for most people is that most people never detach tabs. My only
 concern with "single window" is what happens in the case where someone
 detaches a single tab from a large window of tabs (thus leaving the large
 tab window as the 'single window') and then close all the large tabs thus
 leaving a single window which sort of should not be the 'single window'
 when next a conversation window needs to be opened. I'm unsure whether
 using that single window or not would be more correct/expected/etc.

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