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#6342: MSN disconnects with servconn read error ...
  Reporter:  visionkrew  |       Owner:  khc
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Comment (by visionkrew):

 I'm pretty sure that SB messages should count...

 The QNG command's parameter is an integer from 0 to 50. It represents the
 number of seconds to wait before sending another PNG, and is reset to 50
 every time a command is sent to the servers (NS/SB/...). '''Idle
 connections are closed after a short time, so you should send a command to
 the server (even if it's just a PNG) at least this often'''.

 As you see in the debug log, the last (SB) activity was 57 seconds before
 the PNG. So the PNG was too late (7 seconds), and the server dropped the

 This should be a timer bug resulting in late PNGs and dropped connections.
 You should check the timer function responsible for sending the PNGs.

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