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#34: Voice/video support
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Comment (by kyrian):

 Right, I've had a bit of a conversation with Maiku which has lead at least
 to a "Additional Tips for Fedora Core 9+ Users:" section in the
 GSoC2008/VoiceAndVideo page, to get the pidgin-vv code working under FC9
 (no earlier version has recent enough gstreamer libs).

 However that did not help me get voice/video MSN with pidgin-vv working,
 which is what I was interested in, as the capability is simply not there,
 and it's not meant to be there either as I understand it.

 So can someone confirm for me where I need to look to get that going?

 I am aware that farsight2 has no plugins for it, because they have yet to
 be ported to the new API.

 But what I don't know is if it's as simple as doing that farsight v2 port,
 and then the support in pidgin-vv will 'just work', or whether there is
 stuff that needs doing on the pidgin-vv side of things as well?

 I asked Maiku but didn't get a helpful response, it simply ended up as the
 aforementioned Trac page giving a referral to an even more vague page. The
 two lines of IRC cut and paste really isn't all that helpful here:

 I'm interested in doing this, and serious about it, because if nothing
 else aMSN is horrible by comparison to the quality of Pidgin.

 I'm reasonably sure that if it's just a case of updating the Farsight
 stuff to the v2 API or porting existing code from the old gaim-vv then I
 can handle it. If it's a case of writing completely new code, then that's
 not something I have time for, but I'm willing to help wherever I can.

 So, some hints, please? anyone?

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