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#6389: XMPP Add Account dialogue needs cleaning up
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 Taking your issues out of order.

 For the resource default 'issue' see the patch in ticket #5565 (which I
 intend to apply). My comments in that ticket explain why 'Home' is the
 current default. As to what the resource is, it is an item which is used
 as a unique identifier for a given connection for the account it allows
 multiple connections for the same account at the same time.

 I don't think either of 'Domain' or 'Server' is inherently more obvious to
 'the average computer user' and, unfortunately, neither are any of the
 other terms that I've seen suggested so far (feel free to offer further

 I don't think the 'Domain' field is at all made ambiguous because of the
 'Connect Server' box as they don't use the same terms and are on different
 tabs. I do think that 'Server' and 'Connect Server' would be slightly more
 ambiguous than the current wording is, however.

 A tooltip is something I agree would be useful and a similar mechanism may
 already have been added for 2.5.0. I know some help text was recently
 added to the Username field in the Add Account dialog to help users
 understand exactly what information is supposed to go there, and if such
 was not added to the other fields I imagine it easily could (and probably
 should) be. (Technically the addition isn't a tooltip but rather inline
 default text, or so I believe, I haven't seen it myself yet.)

 It might be reasonable to see about moving the Resource entry field down
 to where the 'Local alias' field is. Which itself was just moved down in
 an attempt to make it less confusing as to what information is important
 and what is optional.

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