[Pidgin] #48: Make SIP/SIMPLE work with Microsoft Live Communication Server

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Tue Jul 22 18:55:37 EDT 2008

#48: Make SIP/SIMPLE work with Microsoft Live Communication Server
  Reporter:  MarkDoliner  |       Owner:  shulman      
      Type:  patch        |      Status:  new          
  Priority:  minor        |   Milestone:               
 Component:  SIMPLE       |     Version:  2.0          
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  MS LCS SIMPLE
   Pending:  0            |  
Comment (by mx-5driver):

 Hi "rekkanoryo",

 first thanks very much for your quick answer to my question.
 However it was not much of help for me so far.

 Well ok, you are telling me "that currently no work is going on with
 Pidgin / Libpurple towards MS LCS support."
 But you are also saying that "apparently a third-party plugin called SIPe
 is aimed at this goal."

 Thats indeed interesting news, since I couldn't find anything during my
 web investigations towards a tird-party pidgin plugin for windows ?
 Do you have any further info for me on that subject to get me onto the
 right track with my investigations diggin' out that desired feature for
 Pidgin ?

 I'm a long time user of Gaim / Pidgin on Windows & Linux Platforms and I
 guess I'm not the only one interested on such a plugin.

 Thanks in advance & best regards


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