[Pidgin] #6410: Wrong protocol icon displayed for Jabber->Transport contacts

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Wed Jul 23 04:13:02 EDT 2008

#6410: Wrong protocol icon displayed for Jabber->Transport contacts
Reporter:  ilgaspa  |       Owner:  nwalp                              
    Type:  defect   |      Status:  new                                
Priority:  minor    |   Component:  XMPP                               
 Version:  2.4.3    |    Keywords:  jabber transport protocol icon XMPP
 Pending:  0        |  
 Right now it's easy to "detect" wich protocol a buddy belongs to, by
 hovering the contact and looking at the protocol icon in the tooltip..
 however, let's suppose that we have an MSN contact belonging to our
 JABBER/XMPP account, through an MSN transport. Hovering this contact
 displays the JABBER/XMPP protocol icon, wich is right and wrong: right
 because it's indeed a JABBER/XMPP contact, but wrong because we're
 chatting with an MSN user...

 Would be possible differentiating the JABBER/XMPP protocol icon to allow
 to recognize if a buddy is a "pure" JABBER/XMPP contact or an MSN (ICQ,
 YAHOO, WATHEVER) contact linked through a transport? The best way would be
 the JABBER/XMPP protocol icon hovered with the icon of the "true" contact
 protocol (a la Kopete).

 Don't know if I should file this under bugs or enhanchements: after all as
 I said before the current implementation is right and wrong at the same
 time O_o I'll file it as a bug just to be sure..

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