[Pidgin] #6213: XMPP file transfer with "file transfer proxy" problems

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#6213: XMPP file transfer with "file transfer proxy" problems
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 Component:  XMPP       |     Version:  2.4.2              
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 I basically can't recreate any of this in the development version.

 The reason for the file corruption is a buggy file transfer proxy (See
 #5840) - the transfer will now fail in this case instead of corrupting the

 In the case where there is no proxy involved, I can send stuff just fine
 from Pidgin to Psi (and Pidgin to Pidgin).

 It's surprisingly difficult to find public server with a correctly working
 file transfer proxy, however when you do this also works fine. The
 !OpenFire file transfer proxy works fine (as long as the server has been
 configured to specify the correct IP (not the internal IP)).
 proxy.jabber.org (when it is working) suffers from the bug in #5840.

 I'm not sure what is up with your "Can't connect" scenarios - it works for

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