[Pidgin] #6421: Multiple-select users from the buddy list to add to chat room

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Thu Jul 24 18:06:37 EDT 2008

#6421: Multiple-select users from the buddy list to add to chat room
Reporter:  baffoni      |       Owner:  lschiere                      
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                           
Priority:  minor        |   Component:  unclassified                  
 Version:  2.4.3        |    Keywords:  Multiple select join chat room
 Pending:  0            |  
 I would like to multiple-select users from the buddy list to send them
 invites to a chat room.  Preferably this method would allow me to create
 the chat room at the time the invites are sent.  I would expect the
 interface to go like this:

 1) multiple select buddies from list
 2) right-click any selected buddy and select something like "add to chat"
 or "add to new chat"
 3) If I selected "add to chat" it would go to a list of chats currently
 joined.  Alternatively I should be able to drag any of the selected users
 and drop onto the chat room to send the invite to all selected (even just
 the one).  A dialog box should pop up to allow to type in a message to go
 with the invite (same to all users).
 4) If I selected "add to new chat", it would go through a new chat join
 dialog exactly as if I had selected "Buddies/Add chat".  After I clicked
 the "add" button, it would give me the option of typing in a message as
 part of the invite (same message sent to all selected).

 This might be a dependency on bug 926.

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