[Pidgin] #4986: automatic chat input field resizing should be optional, regression from 2.3

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Mon Jul 28 05:18:21 EDT 2008

#4986: automatic chat input field resizing should be optional, regression from 2.3
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 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.0            
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Comment (by yesyesyesyes):

 I just upgraded to (portable) Pidgin 2.4.3 from an older version, and am
 having to consider reverting back.

 The constant shifting of the conversation text caused by the text entry
 window resizing is very intrusive. There are two particular side effects
 of the new behavior which are the most distracting :

 1) Every time I start typing a new message, it causes the conversation
 text to shift upwards as if the other person had sent a message. But they
 have not sent a message. This breaks the previous and natural 1:1
 association of conversation text scrolling upward meaning a new message
 has been added to the conversation.

 2) The text entry area has contracted to such a small size when no text
 has been entered that it is now very difficult to set the focus to it
 using the mouse. The "minimum input area height in lines" option does not
 alleviate the problem because it only applies once one or more characters
 have been entered into the text field. My usage pattern is to very
 commonly be performing other tasks and periodically switching back to the
 IM window. The previous implementation was conducive to this, it is more
 difficult to do this with the new one.

 I find the previous implementation, in which the conversation and text
 entry area were manually sized by the user, to be much more user friendly.

 I know a lot of the negative feedback about this is being chalked up to
 "users fearing change", but the tremendous amount of feedback about this
 feature hints that it may not be the case. It is worth pointing out that
 many positive changes have been made to pidgin over the years which have
 not generated this level of negative feedback - users typically like
 change when it makes the application easier and more intuitive to use.

 So, lastly - pretty pony please, please, please allow users to override
 this. It will make a lot of people much happier.

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