[Pidgin] #6454: Windows silent install broken by GTK+ upgrade dialog

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#6454: Windows silent install broken by GTK+ upgrade dialog
  Reporter:  PeteBoyd         |       Owner:  datallah
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 Component:  winpidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.3   
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 I think this is actually working as intended (as documented in the
 [wiki:"Installing Pidgin#UnattendedInstallations" wiki]).

 The GTK+ installer has two silent states. One with message boxes: `/S`,
 and one without: `/S /NOUI`. This is because the installer was made to run
 from within the Pidgin installer (when the pidgin installer is in non-
 silent mode), where you would expect to see message boxes for errors.

 Are you seeing the message box when running the pidgin installer with GTK+
 embedded, or when running the standalone gtk+ installer?

 If it is embedded in the pidgin installer and you're running something
 like `pidgin-x.y.z.exe /DS=1 /SMS=0 /L=1033 /S /D=C:\Pidgin`, then it
 probably is actually a bug (the pidgin installer should be passing the
 `/NOUI` flag to the gtk+ installer when running in silent mode).

 2.12.1 rev. b. was also distributed by us.

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