[Pidgin] #6459: Mouse wheel events dropped and passed through to window manager

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Wed Jul 30 16:13:13 EDT 2008

#6459: Mouse wheel events dropped and passed through to window manager
  Reporter:  ftfred        |       Owner:                                
      Type:  defect        |      Status:  new                           
  Priority:  minor         |   Milestone:                                
 Component:  pidgin (gtk)  |     Version:  2.4.3                         
Resolution:                |    Keywords:  wheel mouse scroll drop events
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Comment (by ftfred):

 Hey, no worries man, your assumption is natural, I bet you get BS bug
 reports all the time ;-)

 I should point out that I wasn't trying them for pidgin friendliness, just
 xrandr behaviour. I was surprised that KDE (or the wm under it that i
 forget the name of) and the default for gnome (which I forget aswell (not
 sawfish which i tried too)) didn't work correctly. XCFE was the only one
 that worked and the font aspect it still broken, but I couldn't figure out
 if that was the xserver, nvidia driver, wm, or some font server causing
 the issue so I eventually gave up and settled for good enough.

 I currently have about 50 xterms and 100 FF tabs open so I'm not keen to
 close X and try stuff out at the moment. Next time the machine is down for
 some reason I'll try to remember to boot up some other WM and test it for

 Any thoughts on what could be causing it? My mate tells me pidgin code is
 pretty clean but I'm a bit short on time to be digging into it myself.

 Let me know if there is any test I can do. How about a build of 2.4.3 with
 heavy debugging so I can tail something and make it happen? up to you,
 just let me know what you need.

 PS, this is my second OS bug report ever! Amazing that everything has been
 more or less good for me since the beginning. The last bug report was a
 java package dependency in deb unstable.

 OS is awesome :-)

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