[Pidgin] #48: Make SIP/SIMPLE work with Microsoft Live Communication Server

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#48: Make SIP/SIMPLE work with Microsoft Live Communication Server
 Reporter:  MarkDoliner    |        Owner:  shulman
     Type:  patch          |       Status:  new    
Milestone:                 |    Component:  SIMPLE 
  Version:  2.0            |   Resolution:         
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Comment(by djflux):

 Yes, I'm using krb5.  I am now logging in successfully with Kerberos and
 can see other clients.  I cannot IM others and they cannot IM me.  The
 debug log shows the SIPE sends a 501 Not Implemented in response to an
 INVITE request, and I believe there is a 501 in response to an ACK when I
 initiate an IM from PIdgin.  Have to check my logs on that one.

 I do see presence notifications in the debug log though, although they
 don't change the status icon in Pidgin because they are all basic-status

 (22:03:35) sipe: process_incoming_notify: body(<?xml version="1.0"
 <presence xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:pidf"
 :cipid" entity="sip:administrator at flux.local" >
 <tuple id="0" >

 OCS uses Enhanced Presence so the <ep:activity> tag shows busy or away.

 I added a sipmsg_find_auth_header since there are 2 WWW-Authenticate
 headers and the Kerberos header is never found and NTLM is always used.
 I've added a bool checkbox to indicate we want to use Kerberos.  Not sure
 if this is the "correct" or "preferred" way of doing things, but

 Although I've taken many computer sci/programming classes and have
 contributed code to other open source projects, I am very much a novice C
 coded so take my code with a grain of salt.  As I said ItWorksForMe(tm)
 but it's probably not too pretty.

 Did you checkout the mob branch lately with my gaim_ -> purple_
 conversions before you fixed you SSL things?  If not, I'll check your
 commit out and convert the gaim references, check back in, then add my
 Kerberos stuff.

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