[Pidgin] #7357: Add user/search for user enhancement

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Mon Oct 27 12:08:51 EDT 2008

#7357: Add user/search for user enhancement
 Reporter:  im_root           |        Owner:  deryni 
     Type:  enhancement       |       Status:  pending
Milestone:                    |    Component:  XMPP   
  Version:  2.5.2             |   Resolution:         
 Keywords:  Active Directory  |  

Comment(by charding):

 For the "search for users" or "search results" part of your request, are
 you 'picturing' a separate window where you could search through all your
 contacts in pidgin and it would list all contacts (online/offline) with
 columns (Name, Alias, JID/username, email address) etc?

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