[Pidgin] #11286: Focus issues when closing tab

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Thu Feb 4 01:13:13 EST 2010

#11286: Focus issues when closing tab
Reporter:  adk    |        Type:  defect         
  Status:  new    |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)   
 Version:  2.6.5  |    Keywords:  focus tab close
 Recently, I have started having an issue where when I close a tab, and try
 to start typing in the next tab that is open, while the cursor does appear
 in the compose message box and the cursor does appear to respond to
 pressing keys (the cursor stops blinking when i press them) nothing comes
 up when I type, this gets fixed when I click elsewhere (in the message
 text above the compose box, for example) and then click back in the
 compose window and try to type.

 I am unsure as to in where the issue lies here, maybe if it is not an
 issue with pidgin, maybe with GTK or some other component?, but any clues
 would be appreciated.

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