[Pidgin] #11289: Viewing saved statuses prevents status change, e.g. "Available - Typing" remains forever

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Thu Feb 4 11:55:21 EST 2010

#11289: Viewing saved statuses prevents status change, e.g. "Available - Typing"
remains forever
Reporter:  gagern  |        Type:  defect      
  Status:  new     |   Component:  pidgin (gtk)
 Version:  2.6.5   |    Keywords:              
 I've found a bug that keeps the edit box for a custom status message open
 indefinitely, along with the " - Typing" in my status display, and
 prevents a selected status from being actually communicated to my buddies.

 Steps to reproduce:
   1. Change status to "Away"
   2. Select "Available" from status dropdown list in buddy list
   3. Quickly select "Saved statuses..." from that dropdown
   4. Keep the window open a few seconds before pressing "Close"
   5. Select "Available" again from the dropdown list
   6. Select edit box below the dropdown list and press enter

 After 2., an edit box appears where I could enter a status message, and
 the dropdown displays "Available - Typing". Usually this edit box would
 appear after a short while (#4456 says it's 4 seconds), but if I open the
 window of saved statuses within that time, it seems the timeout gets lost,
 and pidgin waits for my status message forever. Re-selecting the same
 status again doesn't have any effect, and neither does pressing enter in
 the edit box. Only changing status to something other and then back to the
 desired "Available" seems to have an effect. The "New status..." window
 seems to have the same effect as the "Saved statuses...".

 I guess the solution I'd expect would be for the status change to be
 actually committed, with whatever status message I might have typed up to
 that point, whenever such a window is opened. It would also be acceptable
 to keep the timeout running and actually commit the status change while
 the window is open, if that's easier to implement.

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