[Pidgin] #11311: Message Notification plugin: Taskbar button keeps urgent (blinking/flashing) even after window had focus

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Mon Feb 8 10:54:38 EST 2010

#11311: Message Notification plugin: Taskbar button keeps urgent
(blinking/flashing) even after window had focus
Reporter:  gagern  |        Type:  defect 
  Status:  new     |   Component:  plugins
 Version:  2.6.5   |    Keywords:         
 It seems that the Message Notification plugin has some problems clearing
 the urgent hint when the window receives focus through unusual means like
 a desktop switch.

 Steps to reproduce on my KDE 3.5:
  1. Configure Message Notification plugin to set urgent hint
  2. Have a conversation window open, focused and in foreground
  3. Change to a different desktop
  4. Receive a message in that conversation
  5. Change desktop back
     => window now has focus, flashing stops
  6. Change to another app on that desktop
     => window looses focus and starts flashing again
  7. Change focus to message window
     => flashing stops again
  8. Change back to another app
     => flashing resumes again

 So to me it seems as if the fact that the window regained its focus
 through a desktop switch somehow isn't handled properly. I don't have to
 tell you that a task bar button on your desktop which blinks all the time
 can become quite distracting.

 I've seen a constantly flashing window before. Never really knew what
 caused it. The instructions above were the first way I could imagine, but
 there might be other ways to reach this "always flashing unless focused"
 state which I haven't guessed yet.

 If you can't reproduce this in any other environment but KDE 3.5, then I'd
 be willing to accept this as a bug in old and unsupported KDE code. If you
 can reproduce this with Gnome, KDE 4 or whatever, though, then I'd say
 it's a bug in Pidgin.

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